Accomodation rules

I. Opening clause

Accommodation provides the accommodation for people older than 18 years; the younger people have to be accompanied by person older than 18 years. Avery accommodate person behaviour must contribute to develop good relations among the other accommodate people. Everybody has to be become acquainted with the accommodation rules and to observe them.

II. Accommodation

Every housed person has to observe the accommodation rules.

Members of family are for the short term stay accommodated as guests. It is not possible to accommodate a minor child. At arrival every guest puts the valid identity card or passport to the receptionist or the head of the Apartmens. Then the guest will be registered in the arrival-book and will pay for the accommodation.

The accommodation is provided in furnished rooms. At the damage or of commended things it is necessary to inform the receptionist or the head of the Apartmens.

Bed linen change – once in three weeks

It is not allowed to change dedicated bed or to let it to the other person. And it is also not allowed to move the furniture in the room.

Every housed person is responsible for harm done according to the Civil Code (§420). Guests inform receptionist or the head of the Apartmens about harms or defects.

If the housed person does not keep cleanness and order, so this housed person covers the expenses allied to extraordinary cleaning.

III. Expiry of the accommodation

If the time of his stay was not agreed in advance, the client has to check out his stay at least till 9.00 am of the last day and he has to leave his room till this time.

The guest has to observe above mentioned rules and regulations. If he does not oberve them, the Apartmens can breach the contract of accommodation before the end of agreed time period and he doesn´t pay your accommodation costs.

IV. Guests rules and regulations

a) The guest can:

  • ask the Apartmens staff to arrange medical care or transport to the hospital
  • use the assigned room and the use the dayroom
  • use the personal TV, radio etc, but he has to pay the charge for it
  • use electric devices for personal hygiene condition (shavers, hair dryers, massage device…)
  • use the passenger lift
  • the receptionist for – using the Apartmens phone, delivery of a message, etc.
  • The receptionist and also the head of the Apartmens are no allowed to receive guests´ insured letters, parcels or money.

b) The guest has:

  • to submit his passport or travel document or ID card immediately after arrival
  • check the room if there are no apparent damages.
  • there are silent hours between 22.00 – 6.00 and on Saturday between 23.00 – 6.00, guests do not disturb each other. Rubbish belongs to bins.
  • entrance the building in clean clothes and not drunken or drugged – use home footwear
  • clean the kitchen range, if it is used

c) The guest must:

  • not smoke in rooms. Smoking is allowed only in smoking areas.
  • move furniture in rooms and halls of the Apartmens nor any changes in electricity or other networks can be done
  • decorate rooms with posters ETA
  • keep animals and birds
  • have guns, explosive matters and other dangerous matters

V. Visitors

The visitors can visit Apartmens guests only with the agreement of the Apartmens staff. Visitors have to sign the book of visitors, submit ID card or passport and they can visit Apartmens guests only to 22.00.

The Apartmens staff is allowed to entrance the Apartmens room with the view of cleaning, reparation or property inventory.

The head of the Apartmens is allowed to entrance the Apartmens rooms to control the number of accommodated guests.

For Kovis OJSC
Petr Kovanda
Chairman of the Board